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Think Leader - Think Female

Available 2020

Think manager, think male. The notion that only males possessed the qualities for a manager was first publicized in the 1970s by Dr. Virginia Schein. More than half a century later research regularly reminds us that people still think manager – think male. This is so even though study after study shows that most of the qualities employees find attractive in a leader are commonly associated with female leaders, and just as many studies show that women and men are equally effective as leaders. But, none of this matters, if men are overwhelming selected for positions of leadership because when people think leader they reflexively think man.

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A Brief History on International Relations: The World Made Easy

Fall 2019

This book’s objective is to make the world easier to understand. It does this by delivering essential context. The focus is on some essential areas of history, how history repeats itself, how national leaders have often failed their people, and and how the world is composed of many start-up nations; there were 57 nations in 1945 and there are 193 in 2019.

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The Power of One: You’re the Boss

October 2012

What if you had the power to make work a place employees found rewarding—even enjoyable. To help others build their skills— even advance their careers? To lead the completion of projects that made people feel proud. To create jobs for the community? To generate wealth for employees, investors, local businesses, and your family? To be respected and admired as a role model? If you think it would be ideal, step up to the plate and become a boss that is skill-equipped for the job.

This book aims to arm any boss (or an aspiring boss) with essential skills that can earn him the admiration of others as a competent leader leaving positive marks on his patch in the world.

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Watch Your Back

October 2005

A behind the scenes look at the inner workings of an American corporation. The titles sums it up; for aspirants to the executive suite, be sure to watch your back.

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