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Globalization and Women-in-Leadership

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Think Leader – Think Female
Coming in 2020

Study after study shows that most of the qualities employees find attractive in a leader are commonly associated with female leaders. But when people think "leader" they reflexively think "man". It is time for people to think "leader" and to think "female" too.

A Brief History on International Relations
New Release!

The World Made Easy—An examination of some essential areas of history, how history repeats itself, how national leaders have often failed their people, and how the world is composed of many "start-up" nations that didn't exist before 1945.

The Power of One: You're the Boss
October 2012

The Power of One: You’re the Boss aims to arm any boss (or an aspiring boss) with essential leadership and management skills that can earn her the admiration of others as a competent leader, leaving positive marks on her patch in the world.

Areas of Focus

Women in Leadership

Getting to gender parity in leadership will continue to stall until men and women accept that the biggest deterrent for women is unconscious bias. It would be rare for someone to admit that they discriminate against women, but according to Project Implicit, 76 percent of people discriminate against women – unconsciously. That includes a lot of women and men./

Unconscious bias is a big deterrent for women to receive promotions into senior leadership, but it’s not the only one. Research shows that relative to men, women generally struggle with strategy, finance, being timid speakers, lacking confidence, not being decisive enough, being poor delegators, poor self-promoters and focusing on tasks rather than the big picture.

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It’s a kill or be killed world. Most companies have to expand internationally because the comforts of home can be easily upset by foreign competitors arriving on their doorstep. If a company doesn’t have to reach into overseas markets, there are so many lucrative opportunities it would seem like an obligation in pursuit of maximizing stakeholder value for decades to come. Minimally expanding beyond one’s borders is a defensive move: it’s kill or be killed.

International business is very different from doing business at home. Countries have different political systems, economic and religious systems. National leaders can be geopolitically friendly one minute and not the next.

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