• Racism and anti-Racism in the World: Before and After 1945
  • America’s Discrimination Circus
  • Reparations for All
  • Don’t Let Identity Politics Destroy Education


  • Racism and anti-Racism in the World.
  • The competition for global supremacy was supposed to end in 1945 – what happened?
  • America – No nation has done more for freedom in the world
  • America – The global ingenue superpower
  • Europe dominated the world for 2.5 centuries, now it struggles with its place in the world
  • Russia –Staying on the world stage with an economy a tiny fraction of other world powers
  • China – Slaying the Century of Humiliation at all costs
  • The Middle East – From global power to global hot spot

Women In Leadership

  • Supersize productivity with more women leaders
  • Why #MeToo did not presage a new horizon 
  • The bête noir of women in leadership: patriarchy, gender stereotypes, and unconscious bias
  • Women have the inherent skills to have a competitive skills advantage in leadership
  • Why do women make better leaders? Why aren’t there more women leaders?
  • Male-dominated professions create extra challenges for women leaders
  • The path to equality was supposed to get easier with more competent women – what happened?
  • Patriarchy and feminism – misunderstood and highly relevant today
  • Women united for gender equality ending intra-gender bias

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