Iranian puppet masters have Hamas, the Squad and BLM on a string

Four thousand-three hundred-sixty-nine rockets rained down on Israel between May 10th and 20th. Forty-three were launched from Gaza between April 23 and 25. On 15 different days in 2020 a total of 143 rockets were launched into Israel. In 2019 it was 5 different days and 643 rockets. In 2018, it was 15 days and 288 rockets. In 2017, 2016, 2015 there were… In 2014 84 days and 1200 rockets … In 2001, 60 days of rocket and mortar fire from the Palestinian Territories landed in Israel. From the day Israel was born in 1948 it has never known peace. It lives in a permanent existential crisis.

It seems impossible that while thousands of rockets rained on Israel, there could be headlines in any of America’s mainstream media proclaiming America’s growing pro-Palestinian position. How could any American think this? Are there some so misinformed to believe propaganda from Israel’s enemies? This conflict wasn’t about Palestine or Palestinians. With Israel in the lead, everyone, except Hamas, Iran and its other allies, wants Palestine to be a sovereign nation where its people live in peace with Israel. These pro-Palestinian protesters were actually rooting for Hamas and Iran. 

During the latest rocket onslaught, Black Lives Matter (BLM) announced their support for the Palestinian/Hamas/Iran coalition and against the Israeli colonizers. In synch, the Squad denounced Israel. They called it an apartheid state and called Jews genocidaires and imperialists. These sound bites can also be found in Iranian propaganda. Then the BLM/Squad duo returned to their self-serving soapbox of victimhood, and cited empathy and solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians. 

The duo pretends that they are not racists by saying they are anti-Zionists and not anti-Semitic, but the two cannot be separated. You cannot be pro-Jew but want to annihilate Israel. It’s anyway impossible for most Muslims to be pro-Jew. In twenty-eight out of forty-nine Muslim majority nations religious law overlaps or predominates national law. In Islamic religious law, like that familiar to squad members Tlaib and Omar Jews are condemned, they are compared to pigs and monkeys and their murder glorified. 

The BLM-Squad duo has been able to work their magic again. Verbal, physical, and online attacks against Jews have skyrocketed. And their response? A virtual shrug or was it applause? It’s the same response they gave to the thousands of projectiles thrown at police by mostly “peaceful protesters.” Consistent with the duo’s joint-Marxist views, violence is the means for silencing opposing positions. Violence is how they intimidate people to achieve their aims. For the Jews this recently translated into 4,369 rockets in Israel over 10 days and violent hate crimes in America and Europe. As if the Jews have not experienced enough violence. There are no racial/ethnic/religious groups in the world that have endured more violence and racism.

The Jews have suffered through hundreds of years of ethnic cleansing, transportations, inquisitions, exclusionary laws that make Jim Crow look tame, pogroms, and the single largest intentional eradication of a population. The number of Jews exterminated in WWII is greater than the populations of 81 nations today. When the United Nations, including all five permanent Security Council members, agreed that the Jews had to have a home where they could live without fear of persecution, they had one day to experience freedom. The day after independence in 1948, five of Israel’s Arab neighbors invaded it, and then they did it again and again, leveraging the adjacent land in the Palestinian Territories. 

In 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in Iran, but his aim was the be the supreme leader of all Muslims. He figured Sunnis and Shias didn’t agree on much, except hatred for Israel, so he based his appeal on a commitment to its extermination. His mission and those of his successors has been to extract the cancerous tumor called Israel from the region. In 1987 he began funding the Iranian Proxy Hamas to carry out its mission and they began terrorizing Israel. Today they are the de facto government in Gaza, in the Palestinian Territories. Like Hitler, they want the Jews eliminated. “There are Jews everywhere. We must attack every Jew on planet Earth! We must slaughter and kill them, with Allah’s help. We will lacerate and tear them to pieces.” The Hamas PR machine tried to sanitize this comment by a Hamas Politburo member. The problem they had was he was rephrasing the Hamas Charter. Another Iranian proxy is the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). It too began terrorizing Israel in 1987. On May 21, the PIJ leader thanked Iran’s chief propagandist and militant puppet master Ayatollah Khamenei for his “most important and leading role” in the multiple weeks of terror inflicted on Israel. Hamas used television to thank Iran for the weapons. Khamenei, in turn congratulated the Palestinians for their victory against the Zionist regime and for rendering them powerless.

The ignorance of BLM and the Squad has reached a pinnacle. To them, the long and continuing sordid history of vile anti-Semitism is irrelevant. As Dennis Praeger noted, they want you to believe that seventy-three years of Arab- and Iran-Israeli conflict is over land – not a desire to eliminate the Jews. Can the duo really be so misinformed that they do not know about the joint Iranian/Hamas/PIJ mission? About Islam’s anti-Semitic teachings? Do they not know they are supporting terrorists that use Palestinian men, women and children as human shields and then later use their dead bodies for propaganda? Are they blind to the incessant provocations that Israel lives with? They are either dangerously ignorant, or perpetrators of filthy politics and pandering. 

BLM and the Squad are fraudulently pretending to be anti-racists while openly stoking blatant anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Throughout the world their voices resonate. It’s time for people to stop fearing possible wrath from mainstream and social media. Right now, we need Americans to unequivocally state that we do not support violence, terrorists, terrorism, anti-Semitism, or anti-Zionism. 

Americans fully support a peaceful coexistence between Palestinian and Israeli sovereigns. If the Squad and BLM did, they would quit blaming the world’s favorite whipping boy – the Jews, and focus their efforts on the Iranian puppet master that is presently relishing that the Squad and BLM are doing his bidding in America. Watch the duo demand that the United States pay to rebuild Gaza. Meanwhile the Iranian mullahs will celebrate American ignorance and relish that Americans are cleaning up Iranian messes again. They have asked other Muslim nations to clean up Palestine too, but they are wise to Iran. 

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