The American Century of Humiliation

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America’s Achilles heel is its disregard for history. Domestically, it leads to ill-informed decisions like centering American history on the historical fairy tale called Project 1619. Internationally, it is an endless source of comic relief. The latest fodder was American wrestler and Hollywood star, John Cena, groveling for forgiveness from the Chinese. His non-mistake? He called Taiwan a country. The Chinese response? More groveling from the American. 

China’s President Xi surely savored the show. He loves humiliating the American superpower. Xi is Mao’s protégé and he’s finishing his mission to seek retribution for China’s Century of Humiliation (1839-1949) at the hands of Western, Russian, and Japanese powers, by converting China into the humiliator. Historically specializing in psychological warfare, China is suited to the task. Humiliation and intimidation gave China a vast tributary empire in eastern Asia until the early 19th century. Today, China merges psychology with vast economic, cyber and military assets to exert control over other nations.

To achieve Mao’s mission, the first step was unifying the Chinese population. Second, was building economic strength. The disunity of the ethnically diverse Chinese population was a perennial source of endless conflict. Integrated populations had been a secret weapon of their humiliating adversaries. To level the playing field, China mandated assimilation and delivered Han Chinese ethnic homogeneity in record breaking time – never to be altered.  

Watching Leftist political leaders leverage the havoc created by rioting Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists to damage Americas once admired integrated population was priceless. China bombarded social media quoting officials like Kamala Harris: “racism is real in America. And it has always been. Xenophobia is real in America, and always has been. Sexism, too.” To this, Xi undoubtedly laughed. Americans don’t even know what racism is. Racism is when you imprison one million people for the crime of refusing to assimilate. Xenophobia? That’s when a nation, like China, completely and forever forbids the naturalization of non-Chinese immigrants. Sexism? That’s when the Chinese government makes sure a woman never humiliates your country on the world stage by excluding them from that stage. 

Sometimes American Marxist agents help Xi on his humiliation mission. The Chinese Progressive Association funds the Black Futures Lab, a BLM organization founded by Alicia Garza. Mind you, the Chinese have no interest in black lives or any lives that aren’t Han Chinese. Imagine Xi’s snigger seeing the BLM flag flying with the American flag at consulates and embassies all over the world. The flag of a Marxist organization that promotes violence sitting prominently with America’s stars and stripes; a symbol that used to stand for democracy, rule of law, and capitalism. The US administration could not have devised a finer global spectacle for conveying America’s obviously premature declaration of victory in the Cold War.

Xi certainly wore his signature smirk when Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was humiliatingly dressed down on global television by his Chinese counterpart. How dare the American racist pariah lecture anyone about human rights. Blinken couldn’t defend America by saying something like, really, we’re not a racist nation we just do what we have to do to get votes. Xi would lap that up. American leaders admitting the superiority of Chinese socialism. Xi doesn’t compromise China’s integrity to get votes. 

Xi is surely enjoying the humiliating footage of neutered police and uncontrolled violence on America’s streets. Uncontrolled violence is the marker of a failed state. The Forbidden City surely emerged in hysteria hearing American lawmakers decide to release criminals to achieve proportional prison populations. China abandons equality before the law to pre-empt crime, America does it to arouse it. 

The official end of the Cold War seemed like a setback for China. Marxism/communism/ socialism failed to prove superiority to capitalism. Instead, it was the key to amassing economic power. In 10-years’ time, China had the endorsement of the WTO and everyone let down their guard. China became trusted as an economic partner. Capitalism with Chinese characteristics, including unbridled intellectual property (IP) theft, flourished. The domino of naïve western companies freely fueling Chinese coffers with their hard-earned secret sauces is humiliating. 

China’s typical modus operandi is to steal American IP, replicate it, replace the U.S. company originating that IP in the Chinese domestic market, then displace the United States in the global market.” 

In China’s “Thousand Talents” Chinese “take U.S. IP to China… others simply hand over the IP to Chinese authorities.” John Demers, Head of the National Security Division (DOJ) August 24, 2020.

China’s specialty is stealing defense IP. “By employing cyber-attacks and hacking to steal US military technology, China is circumventing the long, painstaking research and development phase of weapons manufacturing.”

An economic and military superpower, China can’t be stopped. Especially, not now. The US military is focused on ending “domestic terrorism” and unconscious bias. Its secret weapon is diversity, like petite female soldiers raised by lesbians. Meanwhile, China is flying hundreds of sorties over Taiwan and Russian hackers are making a folly of American technological leadership. 

America’s military may soon be the next source of humiliation. With an estimated 8.5% increase in military expenditures in 2021, China is on schedule for Pacific military parity in 2027. America’s increase is 1.4% and presumably focused on domestic jihadists, also known as political opponents. Imagine the Chinese delight seeing America take a page from China and Russia on surveilling and imprisoning political opponents. 

Is China distracted by the possibility that western governments will prove the Wuhan lab leak? Not a chance. China’s been enjoying the humiliation the virus has heaped on America. China has four times America’s population and 0.3% of Covid cases and 0.7% of deaths. China’s economy has been humming for months while Chinese officials launch barbs at America’s hobbled undisciplined democracy encouraging packed protests in a pandemic. An intentional script couldn’t be more humiliating. Except if you add the Left’s compliant media portraying America’s Covid outcomes in 2020 as the world’s worst and discrediting the Right as racist when asking China to come clean on the Wuhan lab. American media writing copy for China’s Xinhua News is totally humiliating.

Any nation alleging Chinese culpability will discover that China began preparing its defense prior to the pandemic. An investigative report by the NY Times and ProPublica found over 3,200 directives and 1,800 memos and files on managing chatter about Covid having Chinese origins. There are pervasive online trolls and thousands of part-time workers censoring valid information and dispensing disinformation. 

The world remains in lockdown and China is past Covid and on to commanding the superpower stage. John Cena became a useful pawn. Chinese citizens know it’s forbidden to speak of Taiwanese independence, in addition to police brutality and democracy. Cena broadcast to a worldwide audience that Taiwan is not a country. Of course, it is. What it is not, is a United Nations sovereign, and it never will be (again). China holds a permanent UN Security Council seat, and it will never approve this. A sovereign Taiwan would have UN-sponsored protection in a Chinese takeover. Pundits say China won’t annex Taiwan because it fears the wrath of other nations. China fears nothing. 

Woke America, more concerned with diversity than competence in the presidential cabinet and armed forces and fostering government dependence while diminishing the importance of America’s fortress strength — self-reliance, is nothing to fear. A nation with a per capita debt level 1280% higher than China’s taking a cavalier attitude toward increasing debt with a Robin-Hood style economic strategy of taxing the rich to “feed the poor,” is a nation playing with a fire well known to Latin American history. One outcome: more investors switching to Yuan-denominated debt because China’s currency is more stable than America’s. Ouch. 

In history, many nations have had superiority complexes. It was used to justify conquest. But China’s superiority complex was and is so extreme it continues to despise the inferiority of foreigners/barbarians especially those that humiliated it. It calls for retribution and redemption. In 2021, China is christening America’s Century of Humiliation, and celebrating the fulfillment of Mao’s mission.

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