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The Challenge We Face

In the past few years the World Economic Forum has been extending the estimated timeframe for gender equality in the United States. In 2019 it was estimated to take 208 years. The position in the United States on gender equality relative to other nations has declined from 23rd to 51st between 2006 and 2018. That's the reason we created the Women's Leadership Academy.

Our Vision

Global gender equality is not what it should be and the education system is not helping. Universities are underserving their market and females are affected more than males because they are taught through curriculums not only biased towards males, but also fail to prepare female students for the biggest barriers they will face climbing a career ladder. All of this inhibits achieving gender equality in leadership and consequently gender equality.

Our Mission

To vastly increase the number of women with the knowledge, skills and training to navigate the labyrinth to senior leadership. We do this by offering an online, innovative, educational program that will specifically prepare women for the gender-specific challenges they face on a journey to the top of their organizations. Access and cost will leave no aspirational woman behind.

Our Strategy

To provide a unique and evolving market-leading, very cost-competitive educational offering for women in leadership that addresses women-specific challenges in two unique ways: (1) train women to have a competitive skills advantage, and (2) train women to neutralize and navigate unconscious bias that limits career progression.

Program Modules

  1. The imperative for more women leaders – lot’s more
  2. Gaining an awareness to unconscious bias
  3. Who should be responsible for dealing with bias? Org, govt, univ, women
  4. Navigating and neutralizing unconscious bias
  5. Work-life decisions
  6. Managing your career
  7. Introduction to building a competitive skills advantage
  8. Communicating to secure an advantage
  1. Becoming a successful female negotiator
  2. Building networks that facilitate promotions to senior leadership
  3. Developing a competitive skills advantage in leadership
  4. Developing a competitive skills advantage in strategy
  5. Developing a competitive skills advantage in finance
  6. Developing a competitive skills advantage in ethics and integrity
  7. Developing a competitive skills advantage in HR management
  8. Global opportunities – managing women’s challenges. Securing an advantage
  9. Cultural dimensions (Optional)

Each module has a lecture, exam, and homework. Cost $100.00. Some scholarships are available for women who cannot afford $100.

This program is subsidized by the Kathleen Brush Foundation, and scholarships have been funded by donors to the foundation.

Program Information


  • Duration of program - 4 months.
  • New program cohorts start on the 1st of every month.
  • On average each module has 2 hours of lecture and 1-1.5 hour of homework. Total hours – about 60.
  • Schedule – one module per week.

Student Profile

  • Women that want to be senior executives
  • Women with a solid understanding of business fundamentals.
  • Women with experience in the workplace. Mid-managers are ideal but not required.

Start Date

  • First quarter 2020

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"Gender equality in leadership is a prerequisite for gender equality"