Covid -19 – The greatest leaders put their best foot forward in a crisis

The greatest leaders put their best foot forward in a crisis. Covid-19 gives everyone a chance to demonstrate their leadership. What type of leader will you be?

The best leaders today have what’s called an androgynous style. If you remember the humorous character Pat from Saturday Night Live, you’ll know what this means. It’s a leader that has characteristics of a man and a woman. 

What would an extraordinary leader with an androgynous style look like today? From the male stereotype, this leader would adopt objective, logical, and rational. Panic is out. Panic creates all kinds of problems, like toilet paper shortages. 

It’s often said that men take charge, and women take care. Taking charge means being decisive. When anyone, young or old, thinks they are invincible, a leader makes it clear that no one is invincible, and everyone can be a carrier. Everyone has to Do The Five.  Entrepreneurial can also be an asset when it pertains to developing cost-effective products and services that solve needs that people have not experienced before. 

From the female stereotype, this leader would adopt foremost an attitude of caring for the greater good. A leader needs to beat a steady drumbeat that the nation will be stronger if we heed the advice of our experts. Another Greatest Generation is on tap. Next in line from the female stereotype is being a role model for being warm, friendly, unselfish, and cooperative — of course, while doing the five

What would a great leader NOT do? From the male stereotype, opportunism that takes advantage of shortages and vulnerable people in a crisis is out. From the female stereotype, emotional and sensitive would need to go. Calm is the order of the day. People mimic the behaviors of leaders. 

Here is a chance for everyone to demonstrate that they can be a great leader at home, at their real or virtual office, and in the community.

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