A hell hole of discrimination?

Every year about a million people of color legally immigrate to America. Haven’t they heard? The United States is a hell hole of discrimination. Or do they ignore the propaganda because they know that America has the most successful female and minority populations in the world? 

-African Americans are the most prosperous and educated black population in the world. They also have the highest household income of all but one of the fifty black majority-nations.[1] If African Americans had their own nation, they would have the 15th largest GDP in the world. African American GDP is three times larger than Nigeria, the African country with the largest GDP. Nigeria has four times as many people. 

-The GDP of US Latinos is higher than any country in Latin America. This includes Brazil, which has three times as many people. Latino household income is also higher than exists in any Latin American (Latam) nation. If American-Latinos had their own GDP it would be the eighth largest in the world, and of the top ten economies, it would be the third fastest growing. 

-No indigenous population has been courted more to ensure fair compensation for their land or received the protected freedoms, concessions, and financial transfers as Native Americans. 

-Asian Americans are the most educated and most highly compensated racial group in America. They average 25% greater household income than whites. Asians from India are the most successful of all. They average 60% higher household income than whites. 

-Of the 100 most influential women in the world, 46 are American. Second place goes to China with nine.  Five black women are on the list. Four are from the United States and one is from Barbados. Five of the top ten richest women in the world are American. 

America’s Discrimination Circus” is available on Amazon. 

[1] The Bahamas has higher household incomes. It has <1% of the Americas black population. Significant revenue comes from being a tax haven and from corporations attracted to financial secrecy. 

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